Total Roof Replacement

While roofs are very durable, they are not indestructible. Roofs can last anywhere from 20 to 50 years depending on the type of materials used. They should be inspected on an annual basis to look for any damage or ware and tear. Much like signs of a roof in need of repair, a roof in need of replacement will also have telltale signs. If you are experiencing one or more of these signs, please call us today to come do your annual inspection.

Typical Roof Replacement Signs:

  • Leak in the attic - could indicate damage after a storm

  • Peeling or blistering paint - moisture trapped inside the house

  • Mold or mildew spots - potential leaks in the roof

  • Missing or rotting shingles - excess moisture or end of life expecancy

  • Dark or dirty looking spots - spots where granules have worn away

  • High energy costs - poor ventilation


*Life Expectancy of Roof Materials:

  • Slate, Copper, and Tile - 50 years

  • Wood Shake Roof - 30 years

  • Fiber Cement Shingles -  25 years

  • Asphalt Shingle/Composition - 20 years